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We do not sell or re-sell any hardware. As a matter of convenience, we can shop for you, acting on your behalf, strictly as your Agent (Purchasing Agent or Procurement Agent). We encourage clients to pay to the vendors or suppliers directly, bypassing our accounting whenever possible. If you require us to provide any hardware, from small parts to the entire computers, networking equipment or any material goods in addition to our services, you specifically agree to hire us as your Agent for anything other than our services. We may also act as your Agent in procurement of other services or finding subcontractors for some specialized services that we do not provide.

Because we act as your Agent, we pass the costs to you as a reimbursed expense with no markup, not as a sale, and therefore we do not provide any warranty whatsoever.

Any warranty, if at all, is strictly between you and the retail store or subcontractor or the vendor or supplier or manufacturer. We often disclose the source of the purchase and/or provide copies of the original receipts, for your warranty and tax breakdown purposes, when needed or requested.

Until we receive a payment in full for our services and reimbursed items, the title to and ownership of the reimbursed items, as well as any proceeds from their sale to any third party, will remain in our name.

We do not include taxes charged by the retailers in the tax areas of our invoices. We include a single reimbursed “Total” and you would then have breakdown of taxes, retail fees, government fees and levies and other details from the copy of the original receipt or supplier’s invoice or a quote.

If you happen to need to exercise your warranty, it is strictly between you and the retailer or supplier. We, as your Agent, did not manufacture or produce whatever we purchased for you, on your behalf. We did not even resell it for profit but rather passed the cost to you with no markup, as your Agent. Therefore, we do not take any part in the supplier’s warranty or obligations to you whatsoever.

But do not worry, we will never leave you helpless! We can continue to work with you at our Regular or Priority Rate, whichever applies, to sort out anything for you with any retailer, vendor or manufacturer.

Please also check our Liability and Service Warranty page, which is a part of our Terms Of Service as well.


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