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How It Started
When Vlad Mayzel arrived in Vancouver a friend asked him about computer networking. More and more people asked for computer help. Education, experience, passion for technology and Vlad's friendly nature soon caused a dramatic volume of spare-time, freelance work. His hard work and honest, dedicated service to clients in the Greater Vancouver area snowballed into a fulltime business with a solid client base. As this growth continued, Vlad realized he needed either a 25-hour day or a team with his qualifications, as good with people as with computers. With careful screening, he assembled a team whose members all have the unusual balance of computer skills, professionalism and easy, outgoing personalities.

Our Team Now
The team now represents an outstanding level of combined expertise and experience, capable of facing any computer or networking challenge, whether at your work place or in your home. We are known for our fast response, friendly attitude and attention to detail. We take doing business personally. Our solution-oriented thinking focuses on your needs. We are a standout in problem-prevention.

Our team includes:

  • Network Specialists
  • Computer Technicians
  • Software Developers
  • Security Experts
  • Mac Specialists
  • Servers Administrator
  • Graphics Designer
  • Web Developer

Our very valuable non-technical staff:

  • Receptionist and Office Manager
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Sales, Marketing, PR
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant

Who Is In Charge
Vlad Mayzel manages the team while taking a very personal approach, continuing his hands-on participation.

Vlad's bio:

  • Master's degree in Computer Science
  • Post-grad advanced programming, advanced LAN and Internetworking, Internet security
  • Post-grad Project Management and Business Management
  • Post-grad Business Law and Business Mediation
  • Work experience as a technician, programmer, systems administrator, developer of desktop and web software for business, banking and accounting
  • Founded and managed private computer school
  • Chief Programmer and IT Manager for a web-based US public company traded on NASDAQ
  • Founded Smart Technologies Consultants Ltd and assembled a team specializing in networks, programming, web design, workstation & server maintenance, user training, Internet security and much more

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